Introducing Integrations

Integrations let you forward IAP data where you need it.

Introducing Integrations

One of the biggest challenges to scaling your mobile subscription business is properly tracking subscription renewals.

This is a problem RevenueCat set out to solve from the start, but many developers just don’t have the time or focus to make it a priority. Not to mention that Apple and Google make it way too hard.

Usually developers are interested in this data for a handful of reasons: understanding churn, tracking revenue, or evaluating the cost effectiveness of user acquisition.

We’re introducing a new RevenueCat feature to make achieving these goals even easier.


Integrations provide developers with a reliable mechanism for sending their most important subscription data to the places they need it most. It is built on top of our webhooks technology which provides real-time events for subscription related actions.

We can provide near real-time events for trial start, trial cancellations, inital purchases, renewals, and cancellations. Integrations let you forward this data where you need it.

Attribution Integrations

One of the particularly powerful aspects of RevenueCat integrations is their synergy with attribution partners, such as Adjust, AppsFlyer or Branch.

Using our SDK side attribution integrations you can enable RevenueCat to forward revenue events to your attribution partner. This allows you keep a more accurate and complete picture of the performance of your campaigns.

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