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Pickable scales their business with RevenueCat


Developing, debugging and maintaining a cross-platform subscription management solution used to be a nightmare. It was long, costly and we had yet to reach a reliable state on subscription revenue calculations. It was difficult to maintain proper support for all platforms and new features - requiring specialized experience and mobile payment expertise.

Some of our developers were reluctant to rely on RevenueCat - now they want to integrate it into all our other products.

Having knowledge of in-app purchases and subscriptions, integrating RevenueCat made a lot of sense and went flawlessly. We really felt that RevenueCat knew what they were doing, and understood the needs of mobile developers as well as the business side of running a mobile company.

In our business we need to compute a very accurate ROI on our users. When you have an important margin of error on revenue calculations, this is very difficult. RevenueCat provided us with a much more reliable calculation of our revenue stream very quickly, which helped us build better tools for our marketing team.

RevenueCat will save you from technical nightmares on a business critical KPI.

Guilhem Duché - CPO

Guilhem Duché


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