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New Trials Chart


The New Trials chart measures the number of newly started trials in a period. Unlike the Trial Conversion Rate chart, which is cohorted by a customer's First Seen Date, this chart is cohorted by Trial Start Date; and therefore counts the trial starts in a period regardless of when the underlying customer was first seen.

Available settings

  • Filters: Yes
  • Segments: Yes

How to use New Trials in your business

This chart should be used to track the total number of trials being started over time, filtered or segmented by the dimensions that are most important to your business to understand what segments are most meaningfully contributing to your performance.

This chart should not be used on its own to measure acquisition funnel performance, though, since it may also include trials started by customers who were not first seen (or first "acquired") on the day that their trial was started.


For each period we count:

  1. New Trials: Newly created trials.


Why might New Trials in a given period differ from Trial Starts in the same period from the Trial Conversion Rate chart?These two charts are used to measure two different things: New Trials measures the count of trials started in a period, and Trial Conversion Rate measures the conversion rate of customers first seen in a given period through the trial funnel. Since the Trial Conversion Rate chart is cohorted by a customer's first seen date, each period will count the trials created by customer's who were first seen in that period. That means it will exclude trials created in that period from customer's who were first seen outside of that period, and will include trials created outside of that period by customer's who were first seen in that period.