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Web SDK for RevenueCat Billing

What is RevenueCat and RevenueCat Billing?

RevenueCat provides a backend and a mobile and web SDKs to to make implementing in-app and web purchases and subscriptions easy. With our SDK, you can build and manage your app business on any platform without having to maintain your own backend infrastructure. You can read more about how RevenueCat fits into your app or you can sign up free to start building.

With the RevenueCat Web SDK and our billing engine RevenueCat Billiing, you can easily implement subscriptions in your web app or build a web subscription page for your mobile app. RevenueCat handles the recurring billing logic, manages what entitlements customers have access to, and automatically recovers payments in the case of billing issues. RevenueCat Billing uses Stripe as a trusted payment gateway and supports all payment methods supported by Stripe.

⚠️Beta Feature

RevenueCat Billing and the RevenueCat Web SDK are currently in beta.


To install the RevenueCat Web SDK, add the @revenuecat/purchases-js package to your project using the package manager of your choice:

npm install --save @revenuecat/purchases-js

Next steps

Now that you've installed the RevenueCat Web SDK, get started by initializing it.