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Google Historical Import

Google Historical Importโ€‹

When migrating to RevenueCat, whether by forwarding your receipt or enabling Observer Mode on the SDK, your Google Play subscription history may be incomplete. Due to a Google limitation, RevenueCat is not able to ingest Google receipts that have expired more than 90 days ago. For receipts that RevenueCat is able to process, Google receipts only return the current snapshot for your subscription. When combining your migration with Google Historical Imports, RevenueCat will be able to fill in the gaps of your subscription history. Currently RevenueCat is able to import your Google Play transactions from July 2023 and onwards.


0. Prerequisitesโ€‹

You should make sure you have the following before proceeding with the setup:

  • An existing Play Store app with Google Play purchases
  • Created at least 1 project with 1 Play Store app in RevenueCat
  • Uploaded your Google Play package in your RevenueCat Play Store app settings
  • Created and uploaded your Google Service Credentials to a Play Store app in RevenueCat. It is imperative you grant Financial Access to RevenueCat. Failure to do so may result in delays importing your Google Play data.
  • Enabled Google Real-Time Developer Notifications

1. Retrieve your bucket IDโ€‹

Open Google Play Console and navigate to โ€˜Download reportsโ€™ > โ€˜Financialโ€™

Navigate to Financial tab

Select โ€˜Copy Cloud Storage URIโ€™ next to the โ€˜Estimated sales reportsโ€™ header

Navigate to Estimated sales report

This will copy the entire URI string. For example: gs://{bucket_id}/sales. We will just need the {bucket_id} portion, which will look something like: pubsite_prod_rev_01234567890987654321.

2. Upload your bucket ID to RevenueCatโ€‹

Navigate to โ€˜Play Store Financial Reports Bucket IDโ€™ in your RevenueCat Play Store app setting and paste the bucket ID.

Upload bucket ID

Remember to select 'Save Changes'.

3. Contact usโ€‹

  • New customers: If you have any questions about migrating to RevenueCat, feel free to contact sales to see how we can help with the process.
  • Existing customers: If you are interested in a one-time import of your historical Google Play data, reach out to RevenueCat Support via the dashboard Contact Us form in your account settings.


Google Historical Imports pulls information directly from Google Play's sales reports. Though unlikely, these sales reports may contain incomplete information, leading to an incomplete data import.

App User IDsโ€‹

For Google Play purchases that RevenueCat is not already tracking, we will generate transactions with a RC anonymous ID.

Event Dataโ€‹

RevenueCat will not dispatch any third-party integration events for historical transactions generated from this import.

Google Historical Imports will not detect the following:

  • Billing issues
  • Partial refunds
  • Auto renewal status
  • Expiration reason will be UNKNOWN_DUE_TO_IMPORT


  • Active Subscriptions Movement: This chart may not be accurate because our count of 'Churned Actives' may be incomplete.
  • Initial Conversion, Conversion to Paying, Trial Conversion, and Realized LTV per customer: These charts may not be accurate because our count of "New Customers" may be incomplete, leading to conversion rates being incomplete.