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Migrating to RevenueCat

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If you already have an existing app that is using in-app purchases, it's easy to migrate them over to RevenueCat. Whether you're looking to replace all of your in-app-purchase code, or use RevenueCat alongside your current setup, this guide will help you get started.

If you're building in-app purchases into your app for the first time, a migration should not be required and you can start from our Quickstart guide.

Choosing your integration path

To migrate an existing app, you will first need to decide whether to integrate the RevenueCat SDK in your apps, or if a server-side integration is sufficient for your needs. You can even use the RevenueCat SDK alongside your existing in-app purchasing code to selectively use RevenueCat SDK features.

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Importing historical purchases

Once you have determined your integration path, you will also want to send your historical purchases to RevenueCat in order to have the full customer history and have accurate historic information in charts, customer lists, etc.

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