Send in-app subscription events to Slack


The Slack integration is available on the Starter plan.

RevenueCat can send you Slack message to a channel any time an event happens in your app. This lets you keep a close pulse on your app and celebrate those money making moments!

With our Slack integration, you can:

  • Receive feedback or reviews from customers real-time, posted to a dedicated channel in your slack workspace.

Configure Slack Workspace

Before RevenueCat can post to your Slack channel, you need to authorize a webhook to post to your workspace. Slack has a more detailed article on their website explaining how to set this up if you have trouble.

1. Create a Slack app

  • Click Create App

2. Enable Incoming Webhooks from the settings page

  • Select Incoming Webhooks under Add features and functionality
  • Enable the Incoming Webhooks toggle
  • After the settings page refreshes, click Add New Webhook to Workspace

3. Pick a channel that the app will post to, then click Authorize


Configure RevenueCat Integration

Once you've set up a webhook in your Slack workspace. Enter the details into the Slack Integration section of your dashboard.



You're all set! RevenueCat will start sending events into Slack!


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