Subscription Retention Chart

Subscription Retention

Segments: Yes
Filters: Yes
Subscription Retention shows you how paying subscriptions renew and retain over time by cohorts, which are segmented by subscription start date by default, but can be segmented by other fields like Country or Product as well.

When segmenting by subscription start date, cohorts are segmented by the start of a paid subscription. Subsequent periods along the horizontal table indicate how many subscriptions continued renewing through those periods. When segmenting by other fields, cohorts are segmented by the values within that field (e.g., your available Products), and include all paid subscriptions started within the specified date range. Subsequent periods along the horizontal table indicate the portion of subscriptions that successfully renewed out of all those that had the opportunity to renew in a given period.


Refunded subscriptions are treated like subscriptions that churned during the period that the refund occurred in. The final, incomplete period is indicated with a hashed background and shows how many subscriptions are set to renew by the end of the period, taking into account the auto-renewal preference of the subscriptions.

Product Changes

This chart counts retention on a per-product basis. So if a subscriber changes products, they would be counted as “churned” on the old product and start a new “retention journey” on the new one. Their new cohort would be based on the date the transaction for the new product was completed.