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Take the guesswork out of pricing & paywalls

RevenueCat Experiments allow you to optimize your subscription pricing and paywall design with easy-to-deploy A/B tests backed by comprehensive cross-platform results. With Experiments, you can A/B test two different Offerings in your app and analyzing the full subscription lifecycle to understand which variant is producing more value for your business.


Experiments is available to Pro & Enterprise customers. Learn more about pricing here.


With Experiments, you can remotely A/B test:

  1. Product pricing
  2. Product offers (e.g. trial length, trial presence, paid introductory offers, etc.)
  3. The number and mix of products offered
  4. Paywall imagery, copy, layout, and more with our Paywalls or Offering Metadata

Plus, you can run multiple tests simultaneously on distinct audience or subsets of the same audience to accelerate your learning.

Get started with Experiments