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RevenueCat Billing Product Setup

⚠️Beta Feature

RevenueCat Billing is currently in beta.

To create a new RevenueCat Billing product, open the RevenueCat dashboard, go to your project's settings, and under "Products" click on "New", and then select your RevenueCat Billing App:

New product button in the products screen

In the "new product" screen, you can set up the following properties of the product:

  • Identifier: A unique ID for the Product, accessible from the SDK, events, etc. Can contain up to 100 alphanumeric characters, dots, or underlines.
  • Title: Customer-facing title of the Product. Will be shown in the checkout form and on invoices.
  • Description: Customer-facing description of the Product. Available from the Web SDK, eg. to show on your paywall.
  • Display name: An optional human readable name for the Product, will be shown on the dashboard instead of the identifier.
  • Duration: The billing cycle (period length) of the subscription.
  • Free trial period: The duration of a free trial
  • Trial eligibility: Which customers have access to the free trial:
    • Everyone: Every customer will start a subscription to this product with a trial, even if they had a trial before. Please note: If you choose this option, it means that customers could continuously cancel their trial and start another trial to keep getting free access.
    • Has never made any purchase: Only customers that have never made any purchase in this Project (including non-subscription purchases and purchases in other Apps of this project) are eligible for a trial.
    • Didn't have any subscription yet: Only customers that have never had any subscription in this Project (including in other Apps of the project) are eligible for a trial.
    • Didn't have this subscription yet: Only customers that have never subscribed to this product are eligible for a trial.
  • Grace period: Length of the subscription access retention after a billing issue.
  • Price: The price that will be charged for every period of the subscription. Currently, only USD is supported.

New product configuration page