Gets the offerings for your app.


X-Platform is required

Without it, the API will return an error.


Your app's offerings and packages.

current_offering_idThe current offering for this user. Offering overrides and Experiments affect this key depending on the app user ID.
offeringsA list of Offering objects.

The Offering object:

descriptionThe offering's description.
identifierThe offering's identifier.
packagesA list of Package objects.

The Package object:

identifierThe package's identifier. If you used one of RevenueCat's default identifiers, it will be prefixed by rc_.
platform_product_identifierThe identifier of the product in the stores. This should be used to fetch the product from Apple, Google, Amazon, or Stripe depending on the platform.


Public API key only

Since this endpoint is used in the SDKs, only the public API key can be used for this endpoint, even if you're calling it server-side.

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