Send in-app subscription events from RevenueCat to Intercom


The Intercom integration is available on the Pro plan.

RevenueCat can automatically send subscription events to Intercom. This can be helpful in understanding what stage a customer is in to react accordingly. For example, you might want to:

  • Send an onboarding campaign to a user in a free trial
  • Allow customer support grant a promotional subscription to a loyal user that experienced issues
  • Create Intercom filters for users that cancelled free trials

With accurate and up-to-date subscription data in Intercom, you'll be set to turbo charge your customer support ⚡️


The Intercom integration tracks the following events:

Initial PurchaseThe first purchase of an auto-renewing subscription product that does not contain a free trial.
Trial StartedThe start of an auto-renewing subscription product free trial.
Trial ConvertedWhen an auto-renewing subscription product converts from a free trial to normal paid period.
Trial CancelledWhen a user turns off renewals for an auto-renewing subscription product during a free trial period.
RenewalWhen an auto-renewing subscription product renews OR a user repurchases the auto-renewing subscription product after a lapse in their subscription.
CancellationWhen a user turns off renewals for an auto-renewing subscription product during the normal paid period.
Non Subscription PurchaseThe purchase of any product that's not an auto-renewing subscription.
ExpirationA subscription has expired and access should be removed.
Billing IssuesThere has been a problem trying to charge the subscriber.

This does not mean the subscription has expired (in the case of a grace period enabled).
Subscription paused A subscription has been paused.


1. Connect with Intercom

  1. Navigate to your project in the RevenueCat dashboard and find the Integrations card in the left menu. Select + New
  1. Choose Intercom from the Integrations menu
  2. Click the Connect with Intercom button in your project settings.

2. Set Event Names

Once your account is connected, you can configure the event names that we'll send to Intercom. If you leave any field blank, we'll just use our default names.



You're all set!

That's all there is to it! You'll now be seeing subscription events in Intercom. Woohoo!