Stripe Server Notifications

Sending Stripe server notifications to RevenueCat

RevenueCat does not require server notifications from Stripe, however doing so can speed up webhook and integration delivery times and reduce lag time for Charts.


Send Stripe token to RevenueCat

Stripe Server Notifications only work if the receipt exists in RevenueCat when the event is dispatched from Stripe. If the receipt doesn't exist, the event will fail. This includes test events from Stripe.

You'll need to follow our Stripe Web Payments guide and send your purchase tokens to RevenueCat before proceeding with this guide.

Setup Instructions

  1. Navigate to your app settings in the RevenueCat dashboard by selecting your app from Project Settings > Apps.
  2. Expand the Webhook Configuration section and copy the endpoint provided under Stripe Webhook Endpoint.
  1. Log in to Stripe and go to the Webhooks dashboard.
  2. Click Add endpoint, paste the URL in the Endpoint URL field and select the following events:
  • customer.subscription.updated
  • customer.subscription.deleted
  • charge.refunded

It's important to only select these events.



If you choose other events besides what's listed above, our API will respond with an error, and Stripe will eventually disable the webhook.

  1. Click Add endpoint. You might be asked to enter your password.
  2. Copy the Signing Secret value and go back to your app settings in the RevenueCat Dashboard (select your app under Project Settings > Apps).
  1. Paste it in the Stripe Webhook Secret input field and save. The input field should now look like this: