Our Mission and Values

What we're doing, why we're doing it, and how.

Our Mission and Values
Jacob Eiting
Jacob EitingOctober 12, 2018

Our Mission

Help developers make more money.

Our Values

We have 4 core values:

Be Customer Obsessed

Always Be Shipping

Own It

Be Balanced

1. Be Customer Obsessed

Almost every tricky decision can be decided by asking “What makes our customer’s life easier?” Sometimes this isn’t always the thing you want to do: it may mean more work for you or your team, or having to walk something back.

In the long arc, doing right by the customer is a great guiding principle.

Customer Empathy

Every interaction with a customer should be thought of from their perspective. Are they going to be annoyed by this email campaign? Am I being too terse in my communication? It only takes one negative experience to turn a RevenueCat fan into an enemy.

Customer First

The positive outcome and experience of a customer is more important than:

  • Our plans – We shouldn’t put our vision for the product above what our customers tell us they need. They probably know better than we do.
  • Our assumptions – If we assume a customer should be able to implement something we’ve shipped, but many are having issues, we need to ditch our assumptions
  • What a customer says they wantFaster horses etc etc. We need to listen to the pain, and solve their underlying problem, not just what they say they want. We know the product and our capabilities better than the customer in many cases. We should come up with a solution that actually solves the issue.
  • What we control – If a user has a negative experience related to our product, it doesn’t matter if it’s under our control or not. We are still on the hook to make it better.

2. Always Be Shipping

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the long road ahead. Some days will be more productive than others, but move the football a little bit every day, and the yards start to add up.

Iterate Quickly

We should be able to iterate quickly. When making a change, find the smallest change that can be deployed quickly and do that first.

Default to Action

Do something, don’t just talk about it. As our company gains momentum, we will be tempted into the common traps of analysis paralysis and the innovator’s dilemma. Remember that we only made it this far through hard work, taking risks, and doing things.

Be Efficient

We need to be efficient with our time and our capital. Long meetings, over engineered solutions, and costly rewrites should be minimized.

Communicate Well

Being a distributed company, we rely heavily on our written communication skills to work well. When writing either on Slack, GitHub, or Notion be sure that your communication is clear and that you provide enough context for the reader to understand what must be understood.

3. Own It

If someone is having a bad experience with your work, it should hurt. Own what you build. Not making mistakes is admirable, however, being there to help when you do is more important.

Attention to Detail

A great product is a collection of thousands of tiny details. Attention to detail doesn’t mean getting everything single detail right, or spending hours pointlessly polishing. It’s important to notice all the details, focus on the right ones, and ship.

See something, say something.

If you see something off or strange, a bad experience, or a ball that’s about to be dropped, say something. Don’t expect that someone else is on it. Most of the time that will be the case, but it’s good to ask. No harm in raising your concern in #general to make sure it’s nothing.


Kaizen is a ten dollar word for continuous improvement. Whenever something goes wrong (a bug, a bad customer experience, etc.) it is on us to do a quick retrospective and make some changes to do a little better the next time.

Personal Growth

Kaizen applies to your personal knowledge and skills as well as your role and responsibilities. Every day, try to find little ways to improve what you’re doing and how you are doing it. Invest in yourself because it will be a compounding advantage for you and the company.

4. Be Balanced

Prioritize your mental, physical, and emotional health, and help others do the same. Doing great work can only happen near the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s our job to take care of ourselves, and those around us, so we can do our best work every day.

Friends and Family First, RevenueCat Second

We all work to live, not the other way around. What’s the point if we don’t have time for the people we love? Having close relationships is essential to staying healthy and doing good work. Don’t let your teammates become a replacement for your friends.

Avoid Burnout

Everyone experiences burnout. It’s normal. You will be the first one to notice the signs of burnout and it’s our responsibility as individuals to recognize it when it comes on. Lean on your teammates and your manager for help. Something as simple as a vacation, a project change, or a just a discussion can go a long way.

Be Kind

Doing a startup is hard enough. Be good to each other every day. Default nice.

Praise Publicly

When someone does something great, tell them and share it with the team. The #good-feels Slack channel is a great place for this.

Give Negative Feedback Privately

It is important that critical feedback is shared. However, doing so in public doesn’t help anyone. Share critical feedback in the smallest setting possible (one on one is ideal).


Secrets breed mistrust and mistrust breeds contempt. Apart from a few sensitive topics, discussions about the product, the team, and the company should be held in the open.


Most startups fail. We all know that. There is no benefit to focusing on this fact beyond its usefulness in helping avoid such a demise.

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