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Mobile subscriptions in hours, not months.

RevenueCat is the best way to implement subscriptions in your mobile app. We handle all the complicated parts so you can get back to building.

Simple to integrate

RevenueCat integrates using the Purchases framework. It is the simplest way to get subscriptions into your app.

Powerful analytics

Subscription businesses rely on clear metrics. RevenueCat provides you with views of monthly recurring revenue, churn, and cohort analysis.

Chart of how much money you're gonna make

Rock solid backend

Let's face it: servers aren't your strong suit. RevenueCat provides a hosted backend that tracks your subscriptions for you, giving your users access to their subscriptions across devices and platforms.

Diagram of the rock solid servers

Fair pricing

RevenueCat’s mission is to help developers make money. We don’t make money until you do. Our percentage is computed pre-platform cut.

Making more than 20k a month? Contact us. Also, good for you.

Pay as you go

2.5% of app revenue