The better way to build and manage subscription apps

Our platform makes it easy to build cross-platform in-app purchases, manage your products and subscribers, and analyze your IAP data – no server code required.

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    import Purchases
  • 2
    Purchases.configure(withAPIKey: "my_api_key")
  • 3
    // Make a purchase, RevenueCat handles the rest
  • 4
    Purchases.shared.makePurchase(prod, { (tx, info, e) in
  • 5
    // Unlock that great pro content
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The complete stack for in-app subscriptions


Plug and play in-app purchases

  • Easily set up and manage in-app purchase infrastructure for your app in minutes with built-in cross-platform support.

  • Use our SDKs to fetch products, make purchases, and check subscription status. Easily host and configure in-app products using our dashboard.

Build in-app subscriptions
Analyze in-app subscriptions

Subscription analytics

  • Out-of-the-box reporting for LTV, MRR, trials, churn rate, cohorts, and more gives you the data you need to grow.

  • And, as the single source-of-truth for subscription status across the App Store, Google Play Store, and web, our real-time data gives you user insights across every platform.


Customer data pipeline

  • RevenueCat makes it easy to connect in-app purchase events to your favorite tools like AppsFlyer, Branch, Adjust, Facebook Ads, and many more.

  • Use revenue and LTV data to optimize ad spend, improve attribution, and get a deeper understanding of how customers use your app.

Grow in-app subscriptions

You're in good company

The better way to run your app business

Apple / Google
Cross-platform support
In-app purchases
Physical goods only
In-app subscriptions
Physical goods only
Receipt validation
Status tracking
Customer details
Apple Search Ads tracking

Spend time building your app, not a subscription backend

Remotely Manage Products

Organize your active products to avoid long release cycles.

Deploy Faster

RevenueCat cuts deployment time from months to hours.

Reduce Fragmentation

Create a central source of truth for your subscribers across all app stores.

Visualize Your Data

View user metrics that iTunes Analytics and ChartMogul cannot provide.

Manage Subscribers

See purchase histories and grant promotional subscriptions with customer level controls.

Segment Your Data

Easily analyze MRR, revenue, and active subscribers to discover what's working.