The best way to build
your mobile subscription business.

RevenueCat is the complete mobile subscription toolkit for your business.
We handle the pain points, so you can get back to building your app.

Build your subscription app.

Implement subscriptions in your app quickly and correctly with our field-tested mobile SDK and backend.

With support for every major platform, you can skip the nuanced details of multi-platform subscriptions, and get back to building your app.

Our backend provides a single source of truth for the subscription status of your customers.

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Analyze your data.

Automatic calculation of metrics like Conversion, Monthly Recurring Revenue, and Churn allows you to easily understand your customers and your business.

Segment and chart your metrics to understand what is driving growth.

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Grow your business.

Leverage subscription events to power your multi-faceted subscription business and drive growth.

Integrations connect your subscriber data with the services that need it to drive user acquisition, product understanding, and more.

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Easy integration, awesome power

We manage subscriptions the right way to unlock the power of your data.

Deploy Quickly

RevenueCat cuts deployment from months to hours.

Reduce Fragmentation

We create a central source of truth for your subscribers across all app stores.

Understand Each Customer

Metrics on a per-customer basis that iTunes Analytics and ChartMogul cannot provide.

Manage Customers

See purchase histories and grant promotional subscriptions with customer level controls.

Segment Your Data

Segment metrics like MRR, Revenue, and Active Subscribers to discover what's working.

Organize Your Products

Remotely manage your active products to avoid long release cycles. Learn more.


Excellent mobile businesses power their subscriptions with RevenueCat.

What developers are saying:

"We got our subscriptions up and running in less than 4 hours of work. Testing included."
— Raul Perțe, WeatherKit

We're developers too.

RevenueCat was built by mobile subscription veterans frustrated by the experience of building out complex subscription infrastructures.

We are passionate about making subscriptions as simple as they should be, so that you can get back to focusing on your product and your customers.

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Get back to building your app.

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