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Focus on delivering insight, not fighting data fires

RevenueCat acts as your cross-platform source of truth, sending normalized data to your backend, tech stack or anywhere you need it. Stop the steady drip of data quality issues and finally start trusting your data.

  • SOC2 Certified

  • Capterra Five Stars

  • GDPR Compilant

In App Purchase Webhooks

RevenueCat can send you notifications any time an event happens in your app and monitor state changes for your subscribers.

  • TEST
  • Initial_purchase
  • Non_renewing_purchase
  • Renewal
  • Product_change
  • Cancellation
  • UNCancellation
Sample Event
1// Below is a sample webhook for an Unsubscribe event
3  "app_token": "abcdefg",
4  "event_token": "abcdefg",
5  "s2s": 1,
6  "created_at_unix": 1640995185,
7  "adid": "00000000000000000000000000000000",
8  "environment": "production",
9  "currency": "USD",
10  "revenue": 34.511,
11  "idfa": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
12  "idfv": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
13  "ip_address": ""

Scheduled Data Exports

RevenueCat can automatically send data deliveries of all of your apps’ transaction data to various cloud storage providers.
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“Using RevenueCat as our single source of reporting for mobile and web helped us eliminate a considerable amount of the backlog across almost every team and grow revenue
in our top geos.”

Shaheen Essabhoy
Shaheen Essabhoy, Business Intelligence
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Integrate with the flip of a switch

Power your tools with real-time trial, subscription, and in-app purchase events using our pre-built integrations and webhooks.

How your team can use RevenueCat

  • Marketing

    Empower your team with deep analytics and a cross-platform source of truth for customer data.

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  • Data

    Free your data team from ad-hoc requests, trouble-shooting and double-checking data accuracy.

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  • Product

    Ensure user-insights guide your roadmap with access to clean cross-platform data.

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  • Support

    Debug issues and grant exceptions with a customer-level view of cross-platform usage and purchase timeline.

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  • Engineering

    Let your engineers focus on value-added features, not fixing IAP plumbing.

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Want to see how RevenueCat can help?

RevenueCat enables us to have one single source of truth for subscriptions and revenue data.

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