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Up to $10k MTR

  • All Platform SDKs
  • Receipt Validation
  • Customer Status Tracking
  • Basic Metrics


$119 Per Month Base

Base Includes $20k MTR

  • All Features in Build
  • +
  • Advanced Charting and Metrics
  • Server-to-Server Webhooks


Custom Pricing

Custom Volume MTR

  • All features in Analyze
  • +
  • Attribution Source Tracking
  • Integrations
  • Premium Support

Find the plan that's right for you.

Build Analyze Grow
Basic Metrics
Status Tracking
Receipt Validation
Advanced Charts
Server-to-Server Webhooks
Attribution Source Tracking
ETL Export
Base Up to $10,000 MTR Up to $20,000 MTR Custom Base Volume
$20K - $50K MTR $7 per $1,000 MTR Contact Us
$50K - $150K MTR $6 per $1,000 MTR Contact Us
$150K+ MTR $5 per $1,000 MTR Contact Us
Billing & Pricing
Payment Method Credit Card Invoice
Billing Frequency Annual or Monthly Custom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTR?

MTR stands for monthly tracked revenue. It's the amount of revenue tracked by RevenueCat (in USD, and before the platform cut) during a one month billing period.

Do I need a credit card to get started?

Nope! You can integrate RevenueCat with your app on the free Build plan.

Does RevenueCat pay me?

No, RevenueCat is not a payment processor. You'll still get paid normally by Apple or Google.

What is the benefit of an annual plan?

If you are on the monthly billing plan, your bill may fluctuate from month to month based on your revenue. The annual plan allows you to purchase an alloted MTR at a lower rate. Exceeding the allotted MTR on an annual plan may incur additional charges.

Why do you base pricing on pre-platform cut revenue?

Our goal is to help you take advantage Apple's and Google's 1-year cut reductions as well as the benefits of moving subscriptions to less costly platforms like Stripe. This ensures we aren't disincentivized from making that happen.

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