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"Using RevenueCat as our single source of reporting for mobile and web helped us eliminate a considerable amount of the backlog across almost every team and grow revenue in our top geos."

Shaheen Essabhoy
Shaheen Essabhoy, Business Intelligence
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Pixery Labs

Pixery Labs

Next generation mobile apps for content creators

"We realized that implementing and maintaining in-app purchases ourselves had taken too much time and resources. You need dedicated people and when they leave it's difficult to replace and transition that knowledge."

Kemal Ugur
Kemal Ugur, Co-founder & CEO
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Create custom widgets

"When I added RevenueCat to Widgetsmith, I had no expectation that the app would be wildly successful. When it became successful, RevenueCat scaled perfectly, I didn't have to do anything. Anyone who uses their service can scale from a hobby project to #1 in the App Store like I did."

David Smith
David Smith, Founder
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Animated templates & video FX

"We have gotten back so much time to focus on important features thanks to RevenueCat!"

Francescu Santoni
Francescu Santoni, CTO at


Weight Loss Nutrition Tracker

"We have been able to iterate very fast on our conversion funnels and pricing models, leading to a 2x-3x growth of our ARPU since the first integration."

Charles Boes
Charles Boes, Chief Product Officer at Foodvisor
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Streaks for Goals & Habits

"When we discovered RevenueCat we were amazed by how easy it was to integrate subscriptions into our products. In a matter of hours, we were up and running. It just worked!"

Jenny Talavera
Jenny Talavera, Developer and designer


App developer

"Integrating RevenueCat is really simple. We see that the solution has been created by developers, for developers."

Jérôme Boé
Jérôme Boé, CEO at Marmelapp


Sexy Audio Stories

"RevenueCat saved us countless hours of engineering time... The support is amazing, and the team is constantly adding new features / integrations. Great - and getting better all the time!"

Faye Keegan
Faye Keegan, Co-Founder & CTO at Dipsea


The World's Best Tinnitus App

"The RevenueCat platform continues to help us grow rapidly and keep track of everything we need. It also automates messaging to customers canceling trials and subscriptions to help us to reduce our churn."

Dr. George Leidig
Dr. George Leidig, Co-Founder at Oto


IBS pain and anxiety relief

"Since integrating with RevenueCat we've been able to actively reach out to churned subscribers at the exact right moment... helping us reduce churn and boost our subscription revenue significantly."

Alex Naoumidis
Alex Naoumidis, Co-Founder at Mindset

Why use RevenueCat?

A suite of tools built specifically for app businesses. Trusted by the world's top apps.

  • Manage Products Remotely

    Organize your active products to avoid long release cycles.

  • Deploy Faster

    RevenueCat cuts in-app purchase deployment time from months to hours.

  • Cross-Platform View

    A single source of truth for your business across all app stores.

  • Analyze Business Metrics

    View user metrics with a dashboard and subscription-specific charts.

  • Manage Customers

    See purchase histories and grant promotional subscriptions with customer-level controls.

  • Segment Your Data

    Easily analyze MRR, revenue, and active subscribers to discover what's working.

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We saved 6,000+ engineering hours per year by switching to RevenueCat

Kemal Ugur, Pixery LabsKemal Ugur, Pixery Labs
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