What you can do with RevenueCat’s new REST API

New API designed with improved developer usage in mind.

Tina Nguyen

Tina Nguyen

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We know that our API plays an essential role in allowing you to extend your RevenueCat application.

We based the first version of our API on endpoints that our SDK uses, providing functionality that made sense for SDK usage rather than developer usage. This is why we decided to create a new version from scratch with customer usability in mind.

The first version of our brand new REST API is available today. This first batch of endpoints will allow you to create, retrieve, and manage your products, offerings, and entitlements. Throughout this year, we will release even more endpoints to unlock broader functionality.

For example, our new endpoints offer:

  • list and pagination for ease of access for entities of the same type
  • improved error responses to properly handle failed requests
  • and rate limiting headers.

We also have support for fine grained permissions where you can limit API keys to specific domains and accessibility levels.

For more details, you can check out our new API documentation.

What you can do with our new REST API

Product setup domain

With the new API, you can programmatically create RevenueCat products and attach your products to entitlements, offerings, and packages, which reduces the manual effort setting up your products in the dashboard. Whether you have an app with a few products or thousands of products, you can easily update, introduce, and list new products, offerings, and entitlements all server side.

Some examples of how you can use the new product setup domain include:

  • Syncing new products from the stores to RevenueCat. This is great for use cases such as:
    • Apps with purchasable new content (like games with consumables and non-consumables)
    • Apps which have content-creator subscriptions that need to get added to the app stores frequently
  • Retrieving and displaying your web-based products directly on your website
  • Creating an internal dashboard to automate the process of adding products in one place and having it sync to RevenueCat

See below for a video walkthrough.

More functionality is coming and we will comprehensively cover what RevenueCat can do! 

Cool projects from RevCats

We’ll update this section of the blog to highlight some of the cool things our own RevCats have built so far with the new API. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Note that these projects are not officially supported by RevenueCat.

From our Engineering Manager, Marcos Castany:

Marcos has built a CLI to easily create products, offerings, and entitlements all from your terminal! You can use this to replace the need for a browser and assist in automating your product setup.

From our Software Engineer and Fastlane lead maintainer, Josh Holtz:

Josh has built a plugin that utilizes Fastlane and RevenueCat’s endpoints to help import App Store products into RevenueCat! You can easily detect which products are in App Store Connect that are not in RevenueCat and with a press of a button, sync products into RevenueCat. 

Our work on the API is not over yet 

We are working on supporting a new and more consistent data model that will abstract away differences between the app stores. 

We’re also working on a more RESTful API that will allow GET operations without side effects. For example, being able to read customer information without unintentionally manipulating it. 

This will allow you to use customer endpoints without side effects of creating a new app user ID and provide you the necessary information about a customer’s subscription and purchase lifecycle.

Join the beta

We are looking for interested developers who want to take part in the beta program for our new REST API. Some key benefits of participating include:

  • Being the first to gain access to our new API
  • Being able to give feedback before launch

If you’re interested, please fill out this Typeform to join our waitlist!

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