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Get in-app
purchases right
the first time

In-app purchase infrastructure is a foundational part of your business, but building and maintaining it yourself pulls key resources away from developing your core product value. RevenueCat helps you get to market faster, drastically cut maintenance time, and always trust your in-app purchase data.

Invest in a solid foundation for your app’s monetization

A dedicated IAP engineering team - that won’t leave you

Custom code built by a couple of your staff engineers — who can leave at any time— is a ticking time bomb. RevenueCat offers you a team of dedicated engineers committed to ensuring your apps monetization always runs flawlessly.

Free up engineering hours to focus on what matters

Every engineering hour spent on in-app payment infrastructure is an hour wasted. Leverage your engineers to build the features that will grow your app while we handle monetization.

Don’t leave money on the table

In-house IAP infrastructure often leads to a steady drip of data quality issues that can negatively impact your ability to analyze and grow your business efficiently. RevenueCat acts as your cross-platform source of truth, sending normalized data to your backend, tech stack or anywhere you need it.

RevenueCat handles what StoreKit and Google Play Billing don’t

FeaturesRevenueCatApple / GoogleStripe
Cross-platform support
In-app purchasesPhysical goods only
In-app subscriptionsPhysical goods only
Receipt validation
Status tracking
Customer timelines
Apple Search Ads tracking

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RevenueCat enables us to have one single source of truth for subscriptions and revenue data.

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