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We’ve been with RevenueCat since November ‘18. The only reason we didn’t adopt in July ‘18 was that it was scary to rip out our pre-existing machinery for managing and reporting on IAP subscription info. We had spent a ton of developer-hours on the client-side and server-side code to handle that stuff, and it was still fairly messy and prone to bugs.

Once we’d ripped out our old client-side IAP code, integrating the RevenueCat SDK was a piece of cake.

The other main step to get up and running with RevenueCat — giving them all our existing IAP receipts so they could pre-build the full sales history for all our existing and past IAP customers — was cake as well.

Since then we’ve also integrated with Mixpanel and AppsFlyer, both successfully. Our next step is starting to use RevenueCat for web-based subscriptions (right now we only use them for IAP).

5 out of 5 would recommend. Even if you’ve already invested a bunch of time building your own machinery for IAP stuff, it’s still worth switching to RevenueCat as soon as you have time to safely rip out your hand-rolled code.

If you haven’t already hand-rolled something, you should start using them today, no-brainer.

Christian Brink - Co-Founder at Audm

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