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Mindset reduces churn with RevenueCat

We used to struggle to get accurate subscription data because we could only use device-side receipt handling which was like driving blind.

Once we discovered RevenueCat it was super easy to implement, requiring only a few lines of code and their out-of-the-box integrations with our other services made it simple to get started.

It’s been amazing working with RevenueCat, their team are very responsive and always willing to help us get the most out of our subscriptions.

Since integrating with them we’ve been able to actively reach out to churned subscribers at the exact right moment, learning why they cancelled and then offer them a discount to stay subscribed, helping us reduce churn and boost our subscription revenue significantly.

I’d recommend RevenueCat to anyone who handles app subscriptions and wants to have accurate data and reduce their churn without the complexity of building their own server-side receipt handling system.

Alex Naoumidis

Co-Founder at Mindset