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Makoto Aihara

Makoto Aihara

Product Owner at ZOZO, Inc.

The ZOZOFIT app creates a precise 3D rendering of your body, providing detailed body measurements for over 12 key locations on the body and includes graphs to track changes, and estimates body fat percentage – supporting you at every step of your fitness and health journey.


ZOZO was planning its first foray into the mobile subscriptions space with the ZOZOFIT app. Facing a tight schedule and the complexity of in-app purchases, ZOZO opted for RevenueCat to avoid the challenges and long-term risks of in-house development. RevenueCat was chosen for its strong reputation, proven expertise, and ease of integration, offering clear documentation and responsive support that enabled a timely and successful launch in January 2024.

Now in its early months on the market, ZOZOFIT is maximizing RevenueCat’s features to drive growth. The team is planning to utilize integrations with their marketing stack to drive aquisition and optimizing paywalls through RevenueCat’s dynamic targeting and A/B testing tools. RevenueCat’s customer support tools are enhancing subscriber satisfaction by helping the support team to quickly resolve issues and grant promotional subscriptions.

How ZOZO entered the world of mobile subscriptions with RevenueCat

The Challenge: Launching subscriptions for the first time on a time crunch

Product Owner, Makoto Aihara, was faced with the challenge of launching ZOZOFIT on a time crunch. The at-home body management app from the Japanese fashion retail giant “ZOZO” would be the company’s first foray into mobile subscriptions and the team was looking to launch in a matter of months.  

Makoto’s team considered developing the solution in house at first, but recognized both the short term and long term challenges of building IAP in house.

“There was nobody in our company that had worked on subscriptions, and we knew that the Apple Storekit can get very tricky. Given our lack of expertise and the importance of time to market, going in house just didn’t seem like it was a viable option. We could foresee a lot of errors occurring and a lot of headaches down the line in terms of edge cases, administration, refunds and more.”

The solution: Minimizing risk and maximize reward with RevenueCat

Recognizing the need to go with an expert to build their in-app purchases, ZOZOFIT evaluated several solutions on the market. For Makoto and his team, reputation, demonstrated expertise, and ease of implementation were key deciding factors when choosing between solutions.

“Our development team across Japan and New Zealand had heard nothing but good things about RevenueCat. In addition to our online research, our developers saw RevenueCat speaking at a conference and it was clear that the team were experts in the space. We also spoke with competitors, but RevenueCat still seemed more credible overall. RevenueCat’s documentation was also a really big part of building confidence with our development team. Our Lead iOS developer found it very clear and easy to follow.”

ZOZOFIT’s evaluation of mobile subscription platforms led them to trust RevenueCat as their subscriptions platform.

“For us, it made sense to go with RevenueCat who has proven that they are the experts in the field. Going with RevenueCat allowed us to minimize the risk of costly and time consuming errors, compared to building it in house. When we looked at the relatively small fee associated with RevenueCat versus the benefit of the expert team behind it, the value was there.”

Leveraging RevenueCat, ZOZOFIT was able to work against their ambitious timelines and launch in January of 2024.

“The implementation was great. Our lead developer found the documentation easy to follow in practice as well. We had weekly calls with RC and any questions we had they were able to point us in the right direction. We had a slack channel that helped facilitate conversations and all messages were replied back to in a timely fashion.”

The future: Leveraging RevenueCat’s tools and integrations to reach ZOZOFIT’s ambitious goals

At the time of writing, ZOZOFIT has only been on the market for a couple of months. Makoto shared with us how the ZOZOFIT team has plans to use RevenueCat across their marketing and support teams to reach their business goals in the coming quarter and beyond.

Driving conversion with Integrations and Paywalls

To reach the revenue goals for their new launch, ZOZOFIT’s team is investing in a full-funnel growth strategy that spans paid marketing and paywall optimization. To fuel their acquisition efforts, ZOZOFIT plans to use RevenueCat’s pre-built integrations with attribution tools.

“We’re ramping up on our integrations with Adjust, Facebook to support KPIs like downloads and trial starts.”

With RevenueCat’s integrations, you can sync in-app subscription events like trial starts, subscriptions, and cancellations from iOS and Android to Adjust in minutes. Using Subscriber Attributes, you can attach data from Adjust like media source, campaigns, keywords and more to users which can be used in RevenueCat reporting Charts or sent to other downstream analytics integrations.

“We’re also looking forward to using RevenueCat’s tools and expertise to help optimize our Paywalls.”

RevenueCat offers a suite of easy-to-use growth tools to make your paywall design, targeting and optimization simple. Developers can remotely configure changes to any element of one of our native paywall templates or bring their own. With Targeting, developers can optimize their paywalls for every audience with dynamic pricing, and packaging by audience segment and in-app placement. To learn what paywall and targeting strategy works best, Experiments offers easy to deploy A/B testing and full-funnel analytics of the results.

Leveraging Customer View to make subscriber satisfaction easy

“Our Customer Support team will use the customer-level view and purchase timeline to help them diagnose exactly what went wrong when a subscriber contacts us.”

RevenueCat’s Customers tool enables improved support with centralized, actionable access to cross-platform customer data. Support teams can debug issues and better support users with a customer-level view of cross-platform usage and purchase timeline.



ZOZOFIT is an at-home body management app. The app is provided by ZOZO Apparel USA, Inc, under ZOZO, which operates Japan's largest fashion shopping site, "ZOZOTOWN".

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