Reliability at RevenueCat

Serve paywalls and process transactions, even during downtime

We know every 0.001% matters. RevenueCat Fortress is our simple, yet ambitious commitment to guaranteeing a seamless purchasing experience for your subscribers, no matter what.

Never miss a purchase: RevenueCat Fortress 
is enabled to preserve 
key functionality during 
internal or platform 
service disruptions

At RevenueCat, we’re fully aware that we are a critical component in our clients’ infrastructure. Our platform’s dependability directly affects our clients’ reputation and customer experience. Whether the issue is coming from our end or platforms like Apple or Google, RevenueCat Fortress is enabled 
to avoid disruption.

99.99% of the time RevenueCat works flawlessly

to communicate live with the Apple App Store, Google Play Billing and other platforms.

Fortress steps in during that 0.01%, ensuring a seamless user experience by using stored data to immediately grant customers access and then verifying transactions once normal service resumes.

How Fortress protects you

Cached product data storage, updated daily

Subscribers get access no matter what

RevenueCat Fortress Feed

Real world examples of Fortress protecting your user experience.

  • Apple Outage

    Fortress enabled 13,000 people to access the app they had just purchased, despite Apple itself having issues processing new purchases.

Our commitment to continually strengthening the Fortress

We’re constantly planning for the future, and seeking out new ways to make Fortress more robust.

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