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Foodvisor increases ARPU with RevenueCat



Before RevenueCat, we had no tools to understand what our users were doing in our app before and after subscribing, and from where they were subscribing. We had a very macro view of our subscribers that was enough at the time, but we needed a deeper understanding of what was going in order to drastically improve our metrics.

Integrating RevenueCat into our app was very easy, their team has been very responsive, and our developers got everything set up very fast.

The integrations that RevenueCat provides into our analytics tools has been a game changer.

Thanks to the events sent by RevenueCat to Amplitude, we have been able to iterate very fast on our conversion funnels and pricing models, leading to a 2x-3x growth of our ARPU since the first integration. We are also able to closely monitor our trial conversions, renewals, and integrate them in our financial models.

I’m always very cautious of the data sent by analytics platforms because of all the discrepancies that usually exist. This is not the case with RevenueCat, you can trust the data they send almost 100% of the time.

At Foodvisor, our product team uses it everyday.

Charles Boes

Chief Product Officer at Foodvisor