How Applica partners with RevenueCat to help clients grow their revenue with subscriptions

With the help of RevenueCat, Applica managed to boost Deep Sleep Sounds' ARPU by 52%.

How Applica partners with RevenueCat to help clients grow their revenue with subscriptions
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When clients come to Applica, their usual request is to boost revenue growth. They want to know how to grow it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Before Applica began recommending and using RevenueCat with its clients, that agility and efficiency was difficult to achieve. They wanted to get stuff done and see results much quicker.

Applica is a growth agency with experts within the fields of product management, product design, and marketing. Their focus is working with app businesses to help them grow revenue, conversions, and retention. They do this by taking a highly-personalized approach, where testing and experimentation is key.

“We implement RevenueCat with our clients and the next day we’re starting the first experiments to grow our clients’ revenue.”

Mykyta Kopyltsov, Head of Growth Services at Applica

Before they began using RevenueCat with their clients, Applica relied on systems the clients already had, which were often in-house native solutions. The result? It was slow to make changes and improvements, slow to test experiment hypotheses, and slow to see impacts of the initiatives they were taking.

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Applica’s Head of Growth Services, Mykyta Kopyltsov, highlighted four key reasons why they now use RevenueCat with their clients.

  1. Subscription handling is hard — one of the hardest parts of building a mobile subscription product. And RevenueCat makes it easy. But in Applica’s case, when most clients come to them with a solution already in place, it’s less to do with building the solution and more to do with building experiments with that solution. They recommend that their clients be always experimenting, always A/B testing. With some clients they run as many as five experiments per month. Having such an intensive experimentation program without a tool like RevenueCat would be, in most cases, impossible.
  2. No other tool satisfies all of their needs. There are alternatives to using RevenueCat, but none tick all of their boxes: a common base for all platforms; a tool to both experiment and analyze; and a tool to analyze the right way. “Customer lifetime value or average revenue per user are the basic metrics for any monetization efforts,” Mykyta says “and it’s crucial to measure them the correct way.” Other tools, for instance, didn’t allow the team to take a value for average revenue per user across all users, so that they could compare it with acquisition costs, telling them how much they can spend to acquire a single user.
  3. RevenueCat is easy to integrate. The “SDK is straightforward… and doesn’t take a lot of developer effort to support all the platforms you can have.” There are also lots of pre-built integrations that their team find valuable, such as with Amplitude, allowing them to make “evaluations and analytics even more sophisticated”.
  4. There’s pre-built trust. RevenueCat has built a name for itself, has a large base of recognisable customers, and has a “history of successes”. This reputation makes RevenueCat an easy sell with Applica’s clients — the trust is already there.

A recent example of a client that has benefited enormously from implementing RevenueCat is Slumber Group with their app Deep Sleep Sounds. Before using RevenueCat, Slumber struggled with their analytics — data was being logged, but there simply wasn’t the time to build visualizations for that data, and measuring most subscription revenue metrics was complicated, especially in the context of experiments.

RevenueCat was implemented side-by-side with their in-house subscriptions handing, adding a layer of data normalization, analytics, and easy experimentation on top. They’ve estimated that they’ve saved, so far, over 300 hours within their analytical and product teams since making the data more accessible to the whole team, helping them increase engagement and experiment with their monetization. You can find out more about how Applica worked with Deep Sleep Sounds and how they managed to increase ARPU by 52% in their case study

For Applica, RevenueCat has been a trusted partner that allows them to work at the speed they and their clients expect.

Learn more about Applica on their website or find out how to become a RevenueCat partner.

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