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Why agencies like Applica Agency choose RevenueCat for clients as their go to subscription management solution

Applica’s Head of Growth Services, Mykyta Kopyltsov, highlighted four key reasons why they now use RevenueCat with their clients:

  • No other tool satisfies all of their needs

    There are alternatives to using RevenueCat, but none tick all of their boxes. RevenueCat is a platform that provides analytics, integrations, and tools to empower you to best support your customer’s development needs.

  • RevenueCat is easy to integrate

    The “SDK is straightforward… and doesn’t take a lot of developer effort to support all the platforms you can have.” There are also lots of pre-built integrations that their team find valuable, such as with Amplitude.

  • Subscription handling is hard

    Subscription handling is one of the hardest parts of any mobile product. It’s hard to build your solution to handle the subscriptions, to evaluate their performance, and to experiment, that’s why we recommend RevenueCat.

  • There’s pre-built trust

    RevenueCat has built a name for itself, has a large base of recognisable customers, and has a “history of successes”. This reputation makes RevenueCat an easy sell with Applica’s clients — the trust is already there.

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"RevenueCat made implementing and managing Notion’s personal subscription product on iOS incredibly easy and straightforward. The exhaustive documentation combined with responsive support allowed us to ship quickly and confidently."

David He
David He, Notion, Software Engineer

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