Conversion to Paying Chart

Conversion to Paying

Segments: Yes
Filters: Yes
The Conversion to Paying chart shows what proportion of new customers end up paying.

The conversion rate to paying is a good indicator of how effective your app is at acquiring the right kind of customers and demonstrating the value of your premium products. This chart is plotted on a "cohort" basis, meaning the time periods represent the date a customer was first seen, i.e. the date they first opened your app (see below).

For apps that offer no products with trials, the conversion rate to paying is equal to the initial conversion rate (because there are no subscribers that don't pay). For trial products, conversion to paying is equal to the product of trial start rate and trial conversion rate, in other words, the conversion rate from the start to the end of the trial funnel. It is therefore a measure of both the effectiveness of converting users to a trial and convincing trialists of the value of the subscription and converting them to paying subscribers.



This chart is cohorted by the earliest date that a customer:

  1. Was "first seen", or first opened your app
  2. Made their first purchase (for purchases made outside of your app, like promoted purchases in the App Store)
  3. Downloaded the app from the App Store (iOS)


If a customer first opened your app on April 15th, 2022, but didn't make a purchase until May 21st, 2022, they would be included in the April 15th cohort.


❓ Why doesn't the value of Paying Customers match what other data sources display for the number of paid customers in a time period?

Ensure you're checking against the user's cohort date, rather than the purchase event date, as described above.