Roast my paywall: Live!

Build a better paywall with live critique from a panel of paywall experts.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM

What makes a great paywall?

Dive into the world of paywall optimization with our “Roast My Paywall: Live!” webinar, now available for replay. In this session, our panel of seasoned paywall experts — Jake Mor from Superwall and Jeff Grang from Purchasely, hosted by RevenueCat’s David Barnard — critically examine real-world paywalls submitted by the community.

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About the panellists 

  • Jake Mor is the Co-founder & CEO of Superwall. Superwall is a tool for building and optimizing paywalls without shipping updates. Before founding Superwall, Jake founded the app FitnessAI, growing it to be among the top 50 grossing health and fitness apps in the US, surpassing $2 million in revenue.
  • Jeff Grang is the Co-founder & CEO of Purchasely. Purchasely is a tool specialized in no-code paywall building and in-app subscription optimization. Before co-founding Purchasely, Jeff was an early participant in the iPhone developer beta program and helped various companies create their first apps. In 2020, he received the worldwide App of the Year award for his prior work.

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