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Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright

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Our team at RevenueCat has more than doubled since 2021. As a fully remote company, when new team members join, so do their pets. We thought it was time to shine the spotlight on the furry felines in the background who entertain us, do their best to distract us, and most importantly, keep us company throughout our work days.

From our Bird Detection Specialist to our Directors of Feedback, here’s a look at all the real-life cats working at RevenueCat

Yumuk Toppare, Bird Detection Specialist

  • Cat Parent: Baran Toppare, Senior Data Scientist
  • Known for: She may not look ferocious, but Yumuk morphs into a super-strong, evil tiger at the veterinary clinic, so her parents usually call the vet beforehand and ask if they have enough personnel at the clinic to handle her.

Ferb, Lap-Warmer, Keyboard-Sitter, and Muse

  • Cat Parent: Maddie Beyl, Senior Software Engineer
  • Known for: Ferb is three times the weight of his brother Phineas and is the subject of his own calendar every year. Ferb has lived with five cats and three dogs throughout his lifetime and even has his own Instagram account

Bandit, Senior Snack Snatcher

  • Cat Parent: Josh Holtz, Senior Software Engineer
  • Known for: Bandit is 12 years old and enjoys sleeping on the stairs most of the day. When not sleeping on the stairs, he is planning his next snack stealing mission. Whether the food is on the table, in the sink, or in the baby’s hands, Bandit will snatch it! He used to be a whopping 23 pounds but slimmed down to about half that when he moved from a small apartment to a bigger house.

Clawy and Sir Biscuit, Chiefs of (Mis)chief

  • Cat Parent: Alicja Notowska, Senior Technical Recruiter
  • Known for: Don’t be fooled by the cute photos—there is a reason why they are also known as Prime Destructoids. Despite the many attempts at ruining various parts of their household, they are also surprisingly good at bringing calm and peace. Their cat tree is placed in their paw-rents’ home office, and seeing a little paw sticking out in the middle of a busy day always brings a smile and instant relaxation. 

Paca, Majestic Kitten

  • Cat Parent: Alfonso Embid-Desmet, Senior Software Engineer 
  • Known for: Paca loves to snuggle her paw-rents and monitor the grounds with her methodical patrolling. She was the first of the RevenueKitties, which she takes pride in every day. She rests easy, knowing that her input is heard in meetings, and helps she loves to help her developer make more money by squishing his bugs.

Eames, Director of Carbs

  • Cat Parent: Catherine Saarinen, VP of People
  • Known for: Eames does tricks like up, down, sit, and paw. He also loves carbs and regularly steals any bread, pastries, and tortillas he can find (relatable). He’s also a talented hunter—when a bat got into his house in Finland one day, he caught it in mid-air! 

Leon, Chief of Photobombing

  • Cat Parent: Will Taylor, Solutions Engineer
  • Known for: If you’re in a sales call, there’s a good 20% chance that he’ll make an appurrance! 

Fred and Nick, Directors of Feedback

  • Cat Parent: Rachel Wright, Technical Recruiter
  • Known for: Fred and Nick like to make their thoughts known during meetings, so you’ll often hear them meowing up a storm in the background. They love spending their days outside in the sunshine, sneaking fruit and bread when they can, and they enjoy helping send Slack messages by stomping on the keyboard.

Max, Company Offsite Trail Guide

  • Cat Parent: Truman So, Partnerships Lead
  • Known for: Max is a Siberian tree cat who enjoys the great outdoors and climbing rocks, trees, office chairs—pretty much anything—to get a beautiful view. He was the honorary trail guide at our latest company offsite in Lake Tahoe. 

Whether they’re warming our laps, meowing on our calls, or patrolling our offices, the cats of RevenueCat help make remote work even more fun. We always enjoy seeing or hearing our furry team members in the background of calls and can’t wait until we have even more cats join the team!

(Don’t worry, dogs are also valuable members of the remote culture here at RevenueCat. We’re only featuring cats in this post to be purrfectly brand loyal, but all creatures are welcome!)

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