RevenueCat is heading to Berlin for droidcon and Fluttercon

In town for droidcon Berlin? Discover exclusive opportunities to meet the team and get your hands on the finest swag.

RevenueCat is heading to droidcon Berlin
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Guten Tag, Berlin! 🍻

From July 3 to July 7, RevenueCat is heading to Berlin for the Fluttercon and droidcon Berlin conferences, and as many developer meetings as we can fit in.

We’re bringing our famous RevenueCat X Android socks, cat-droid pins, and more for you to pick up at our booth.

But that’s not all! While we’re in Berlin, we’re offering exclusive opportunities to meet with us. Let’s dive in.

Why you should meet us

We’re arriving early to Berlin, and have cleared out Monday 3 and Tuesday July 4 for meetings with developers in the city.

Not only will we hand-deliver exclusive swag, we’ll also bring along technical and app growth experts to provide you with on-the-spot feedback and insights. We’re eager to hear your likes, dislikes, feature requests and support you in any way we can.

To schedule a meeting with our team, simply select a convenient time slot from our calendar. Due to limited availability, we encourage you to secure your spot early and make sure our team can meet you in person at your preferred location.

Visit our booth

Make sure to visit our booth in the main sponsor area. We can’t wait to engage with Android and Flutter developers and gain insights into your development challenges, including subscription growth-related topics.

We are coming prepared with some incredible RevenueCat and Android-themed swag — there will be plenty of surprises… So come say hi! 😸🤖.

Don’t miss our talk: “The joys and challenges of building a paywall with BillingClient 5” — 5th July, 15:20, Lamarr Room

The time to migrate away from Google Play Billing Library 4 (PBL4) is almost upon us, and developers will need to switch to PBL5 or PBL6. There are good reasons to migrate sooner, rather than later, though.

In this talk, you’ll learn how the flexibility offered by BillingClient 5 enables new paywall configurations and functionality, with working examples for you to implement yourself. We’ll also highlight the challenges we ran in while upgrading the RevenueCat library to support these changes, many of which are incredibly relevant if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Android apps that still need to migrate away from PBL4 or even 3.

You’ll leave the talk with a better understanding of real-world implementations of Billing Library 5, its benefits and its challenges, setting you up for a more successful migration down the road.

Find out more about Google Play Billing Library 5 in our thorough overview >>

See you soon!

We are eagerly looking forward to meeting Berlin-based developers and learning from your experiences. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to book a meeting with the RevenueCat team.

Simply visit the following link to schedule your meeting:

Additionally, we invite you to join us at the Fluttercon and droidcon Berlin conferences for networking, knowledge sharing, and, of course, more swag!

Not based in Berlin? No worries! Keep an eye on our upcoming travel destinations, as we will be visiting various cities around the world, including New York, Logroño, San Francisco, London, and more….

Level up your Android knowledge: read our guide on how to test subscriptions on Android >>

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