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Getting started with RevenueCat
Brennan Knotts
Brennan KnottsSeptember 16, 2022

Implementing RevenueCat will change how you run your app business. In fact, with so many new tools at your disposal, it can be challenging to know where to start. Explore our guide covering a few of the most impactful things our power users do once they’re up and running with RevenueCat.

Test and Learn

  • Test, test, and then test subscriptions again
    Mistakes or errors in your subscriptions can be expensive, and make for bad UX for those users that were actually willing to pay you. Even after shipping, make sure to regularly test your subscriptions using these guides:
  • Segment by install month to analyze cohorts
    Did you release a big new feature this month? Take a new angle to marketing? In RevenueCat Charts, you can cohort your users into groups based on when they were first seen and track how those users differ across key subscription metrics. This way, you can better understand how revenue, conversion, and retention correlates with product and marketing changes. Go directly to this chart in your dashboard here.
  • Experiment with pricing and other variables to maximize revenue
    RevenueCat’s reliable data and remote configuration enable agile testing of the impact of changes. RevenueCat Experiments (beta) allows you to test the impact of pricing, and we also offer an integration with Superwall ​​to gain insight into which paywalls are performing the best. 

Model, Analyze, and Act

  • Deep-dive into customer segmentation
    Gain insight into who your users are and which ones are the most valuable. With RevenueCat Charts, you can slice your user data using a number of metrics – like platform, cohort, country, product, ad campaign, etc. Use this improved understanding to influence your marketing, product offerings, and more. 
  • Compare Life Time Value to Customer Acquisition Cost
    You can drive more profitable growth for your app by comparing how much you’re paying to acquire customers with how much they’re paying you. RevenueCat Charts display ad attribution data for Apple Search Ads, allowing you to filter and segment charts by campaign and ad group and follow an install base over time to understand the long-tail revenue generated from those subscriptions. Visit the MRR by Apple Search ad campaign chart in your dashboard here.
  • Discover what features and user behaviors are linked to revenue and retention
    What features do your most profitable customers use? How do your most loyal customers use your app? With the answers to these questions, you know what behaviors to incentivize amongst your users. With RevenueCat, you can push subscription lifecycle events to analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel to understand how app usage correlates to retention and revenue. 
  • More accurately predict future revenue
    With RevenueCat, you get data on how many of your customers have turned off auto-renew. Use this information to better predict how much future renewal revenue you’ll earn, enabling more informed business decisions. 

Automate Smart Campaigns

  • Survey churned customers
    Trigger an event-based survey when users churn or downgrade to gain valuable insight. RevenueCat sends real-time events to your marketing stack via one of our many no-code integrations with tools like Iterable and Braze
  • Automate win-back and upgrade campaigns
    With a single source of customer and purchase event data for mobile and web, RevenueCat enables you to implement targeted campaigns via your existing marketing tools. For example, VSCO leveraged RevenueCat and Braze to launch winback and upgrade messaging that ultimately resulted in a membership churn reduction of almost 5%.

Have any questions? Check out our docs for more tutorials on getting started, identifying customers, testing and launching, and more.

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