Send in-app purchases events to Clevertap

Send events, like trial activations, subscriptions, renewals, cancellations and other to CleverTap to improve engagement and retention

Use the Clevertap integration to:

  • Create a campaign triggers

    Automatically triggers an email to users who start a trial, subscribe, or cancel.

  • Incentivize loyalty

    Send a discount code to customer that have been subscribed over 6 months

  • Proactively deal with billing issues

    Reduce churn by getting in front of pesky billing failures


Using our CleverTap integration you can connect the following events:

  • Initial Purchase
  • Trial Started
  • Trial Converted
  • Trial Cancelled
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation
  • Uncancellation
  • Non Subscription Purchase
  • Billing Issues
  • Expiration
  • Product Change
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Sample Event

Below is sample JSON that is delivered to CleverTap for an intial purchase event:

2    'd': [
3        {
4            'type': 'event',
5            'evtName': 'initial_purchase',
6            'evtData': {
7                'amount': 9.99,
8                'currency': 'USD',
9            },
10            'ts': 1580602110000,
11            'objectId': 'yourCustomClevertapId',
12        }
13    ]

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RevenueCat enables us to have one single source of truth for subscriptions and revenue data.

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