Send your subscription data to Segment


  • Send events for new purchases, trial starts, cancellations, and renewals all to Segment.
  • Track all your important user subscription events in Segment, even if your user doesn't open your app.
  • Having accurate subscription revenue data in Segment will allow you to leverage Segment's catalog of destinations to send your subscription data anywhere you need it.
  • Check out our Segment developer guide.
RevenueCat can get your subscription data into Segment

How RevenueCat Works

RevenueCat generates events for every useful subscription event:

  • Initial Purchase
  • Trial Started
  • Trial Converted
  • Trial Cancelled
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation

Integrations deliver those events to where you need them, how you want them.

Events are delivered even if users don't open your app. This allows you to truely understand your subscription business — independent of in-app events.

RevenueCat receives Apple or Android in-app purchase tokens, associates them with a user record, and ensures that it is tracked and kept up to date. The data is de-duplicated, prices are computed, and a reliable picture of subscribers and revenue is created.

Reliable subscription data

RevenueCat tracks Apple and Android in-app purchase tokens and generates enriched subscription events.

Start sending subscription data to RevenueCat by using our SDK.

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Delivered where you need it

RevenueCat integrates with the services where your subscription data needs to go. This data helps you build a smarter, better subscription business.

Integrations are available on paid plans.

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