Send your subscription data to Tenjin


  • Send events for new purchases, trial starts, cancellations, and renewals all to Heap.
  • Track all your important user subscription events in Tenjin, even if your user doesn't open your app.
  • Having accurate subscription revenue data in Tenjin will allow you to better understand your ROI.
  • Check out our Tenjin developer guide.
RevenueCat can get your subscription data into Tenjin

How RevenueCat Works

RevenueCat receives Apple or Android in-app purchase tokens, associates them with a user record, and ensures that it is tracked and kept up to date. The data is de-duplicated, prices are computed, and a reliable picture of subscribers and revenue is created.

RevenueCat generates events for every useful subscriber event:

  • Initial Purchase
  • Trial Started
  • Trial Converted
  • Trial Cancelled
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation

Integrations deliver those events to where you need them, how you want them.

Reliable subscription data

RevenueCat tracks Apple and Android in-app purchase tokens and generates enriched subscription events.

Start sending subscription data to RevenueCat by using our SDK.

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Delivered where you need it

RevenueCat integrates with the services where your subscription data needs to go. This data helps you build a smarter, better subscription business.

Integrations are available on the Grow plan.

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