New Developer-Friendly Pricing and Our Series B

New pricing, new features, new funding, new faces

New Developer-Friendly Pricing and Our Series B
Jacob Eiting
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We just released a radically new pricing structure that lowers the barrier to entry to the RevenueCat features that help developers grow. We dropped the base fees from our Analyze and Grow plans (now called Starter and Pro)—so now you can pay as you go, from your first dollar to your millionth. This will mean a short-term revenue hit for us, but we believe having access to our whole platform will give more developers the chance to grow their apps from a side project to the next big thing.

Last August, after our series A, I wrote about some of our challenges as a growing business. Since then, we’ve made great progress, but we still have a long way to go.  Turns out, this problem is complicated and getting worse. But, we’ve also managed to ship some great new stuff including Customer Lists, the pricing refresh, and more. We’ve got a bunch of things ready to go this summer that will bring our platform to the next level, including completely rewritten charts and new app stores. We’ve built out a ton of the internal company stuff that will help us go from scrappy startup to real company, growing the team to 30 people and onboarding about 2 people a month. We’re going to be hiring 20 more this year to our global, remote-first team. We’re transitioning from a small, flat team to a company set up to grow. This will be the biggest challenge of my professional career, but I’m excited to build an enduring company that is focused on software creatives. 

To help us with this transition to long-term thinking, we just raised our series B from YC’s Continuity fund, deepening our relationship with what I consider to be the most developer-friendly funding source there is. To be honest, we had just barely dipped into the money we raised last year, but this funding round secures the company financially for a very long time, allowing us to really focus on our product, team, and mission. And to top it all off, we’re welcoming Anu Hariharan to our board of directors—joining Miguel, myself, and Mark Fiorentino from Index. We now have the structures and assistance in place to build RevenueCat into an enduring company. 

So what are we going to do with this money? Help developers make more money, of course. 

I must close with a sincere show of gratitude to our developers, team members, investors, and believers. At some point, RevenueCat grew from something Miguel and I were doing, to something we were just a small part of. Today, RevenueCat is truly much bigger than us as founders and we’re excited to make good on our promise by helping developers get paid to make software.

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