Here's what customers have to say about RevenueCat

"We have been able to iterate very fast on our conversion funnels and pricing models, leading to a 2x-3x growth of our ARPU since the first integration."

Charles Boes

Chief Product Officer at Foodvisor

"We have gotten back so much time to focus on important features thanks to RevenueCat!"

Francescu Santoni

CTO at

"Integrating RevenueCat made a lot of sense and went flawlessly. We really felt that they understood the needs of mobile developers as well as the business side of running a mobile company."

Guilhem Duché


"Since integrating with RevenueCat we've been able to actively reach out to churned subscribers at the exact right moment... helping us reduce churn and boost our subscription revenue significantly."

Alex Naoumidis

Co-Founder at Mindset

"Integrating RevenueCat is really simple. We see that the solution has been created by developers, for developers."

Jérôme Boé

CEO at Marmelapp

"When we discovered RevenueCat we were amazed by how easy it was to integrate subscriptions into our products. In a matter of hours, we were up and running. It just worked!"

Jenny Talavera

Developer and designer at treebetty

"RevenueCat saved us countless hours of engineering time... The support is amazing, and the team is constantly adding new features / integrations. Great - and getting better all the time!"

Faye Keegan

Co-Founder & CTO at Dipsea